SBCGlobal Support Number

SBCGlobal Support Number
SBCGlobal is a web portal that has changed its name to AT & T. If you originally signed up for the DSL Internet service with SBC, you have a SBCGlobal email address that is used in association with Yahoo. Your email address is used to log in to your AT & T Yahoo home page that contains access to the Web mail service. You can use SBCGlobal first to log in to your AT & T account AT & T Yahoo page.
A SBCGlobal account can be done by having an account with the SBC Yahoo! AT & T's DSL. By subscribing to an Internet plan, you get access to a email account of your choice, as well as the ability to create a number of accounts must additional. In order to create a sub-account, you must have access to the main account, which is what you created when you purchased the service.

Instructions for the SBCGlobal account
1 Go to the AT & T Yahoo registration page. Enter your SBCGlobal email address and password. Click on the "Sign In" button to access your account.
2 Click on the "Check mail" button in the upper left corner of the page to see your email inbox.
3 Click on the topic to see the content of the email message.
4 Click on the "Reply" button on the toolbar to send a reply to the sender of the message. Write a message in the body of the email and click on the "Send" button.
5 Put a check in the box next to the email message and click on the "Delete" button on the toolbar to erase the original message.
6 Click on the "New" button to compose a new email message. Enter a recipient for the message in the "A" field. Write to a subject and write in your message in the body of the email. Click on the "Send" button to send the message.

Tips and warnings
• Sketches and open emails will appear as tabs at the top of the screen.
• Click on the "Attach" button in the toolbar to attach a file to send with the message.

Set up of SBCGlobal account in Microsoft Outlook
To set up your SBCGlobal account in Microsoft Outlook, you require offering the customer email with the addresses, as well as the link settings for the incoming and outgoing mail servers.

1 Open Microsoft Outlook, select the "File" tab, and then click on the "Add Account" Add button to run Account Settings.
2 Select "Manual configuration or Additional server type," and click "Next." Select "POP or IMAP" On the Choose the service page, and then click "Next."
3 Enter "" (without the quotes here and in all other entry fields) in the Incoming mail server field and "" in the Outgoing mail server field.
4 Click on the "More settings" button, select the "Output Server" field, and then check "My Exit Server (SMTP) requires authentication."

SBCGlobal Customer Support Number:
If you face any issue with the SBCGlobal email account then you can call at our SBCGlobal Customer Support Number at any time. Our experts are always ready to provide best SBCGlobal help 24/7 hrs. Our customer support number is toll free. To get in touch with us and get the solution for all of your SBCGlobal issues

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